NUTS & BOLTS Paris launches this autumn its first creation: a pair of boots and its collection of thirty removable and interchangeable accessories. From the most subtle to the most extravagant, they have been designed exclusively for your boots.  Wear them on the front or the back, you decide.



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It is above all a story of pumps. Shoes tell a lot about the personality of the woman who wears them. Every woman is unique so why are not shoes?

NUTS & BOLTS Paris has dedicated itself to creating a unique boot concept. A timeless boot that becomes trendy and spectacular thanks to removable and interchangeable accessories harmoniously marrying the world of leather goods and that of couture.

The boot is the first piece of the permanent collection NUTS & BOLTS Paris. Its collection of 30 exclusive accessories will be enriched with new accessories every season, so that you never get bored.

In its future collections NUTS & BOLTS Paris will revisit other basics, always accompanied by their exclusive ornaments.



Harmoniously combine timelessness and versatility, by offering a shoe that adapts to moods, personality, fashion, or simply the dress of the day. A pair of boots shoe vocation is, thanks to the quality of its way and its timeless look, to last and renew itself through the seasons.

The mission of NUTS & BOLTS Paris is to offer the possibility of revamping its boot to infinity, as an alternative to unbridled consumption patterns.



The boot.

It has a Santiag look, a four-centimeter beveled vintage heel and a removable sneaker insole for comfort. The traditional craftsmanship of Portuguese boot makers is revealed in every detail and finish. NUTS & BOLTS Paris has paid particular attention to sourcing by selecting Italian leathers whose vegetable tanning reveals and sublimates the naturalness of leather while respecting the environment, Italian suede skins whose bohemian hues offer a more casual look, and for complete the collection, luxurious genuine python skins.

The bolts.

Made in France and gold plated, they make it possible to dress up the boots, dress them down and start over again. They are four per boot and are designed to adorn each of our future creations. Not only useful, they are the playful spirit of NUTS & BOLTS Paris and they symbolize the freedom to choose, to transform, to reinvent one's look while having fun with fashions and trends.

The collection of accessories.

They are at the crossroads of the worlds of sewing and leather goods, 100% handmade in a small embroidery workshop in northern India. Each accessory has been custom designed for the boot and can come adorn the front and / or back. The possibilities of associations are many, each look is a reflection of the personality of the person who were the boots.